Learning: Its Everybody’s Business — The 4 Key Steps to Stakeholder Buy-In

Learning & Development has been perceived as a ‘yes man’ function for way too long. Whenever business leaders say they need training, we get to work and deliver training! Do we pause to understand the reasons, the motives, the final outcomes that are desired from said training program? Do we challenge the status quo

Measure The Real Impact Of Your Training

You have recently launched a highly-anticipated, company-wide training initiative. You have secured the best facilitators—ones with air-tight content—and, following the positive response received from the first training session, you are in a celebratory mood. Up until one of your associates asks, “How do we know if it was really a success? And how are we... Continue Reading →

Would the real OD please stand up?

Conferences and seminars are both excellent networking events as you get to meet a lot of people. They are also opportunities to hear some good thought-provoking conversations. I had one such exchange last year while talking to a professional colleague and friend. Somebody new came in to our conversation and introduced himself to us only to find out that he and my friend were both part of the same extremely large organization and were part of two different entities.

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