7 Reasons Participants Don’t Apply Learning On-The-Job

In Telling Training’s Story, Dr. Robert Brinkerhoff shows research that without adequate pre- and post-training preparation, only 15% of participants achieve sustained behavior change. Whereas 70% of them actually try to change – but fail!     The research clearly tells us that there is more to behavior change than just undergoing a training exercise. In this blog, we will explore seven reasons why participants don’t apply learning on-the-job, and how can you change these results.

How to Measure Learning Impact in an Organization

According to a recent LinkedIn Report on workplace learning, business impact is the No. 1 measure desired by business. Yet, less than 8% of organizations are actually demonstrating that. Most are still dependent on smiley sheets and program attendance to show the quantum of work being done, but not really the quality. If we want to successfully measure the return on training, we need to change our approach and completely flip it around.

4 steps to achieve successful Cognitive Learning

I recently saw a video published by a colleague, Surya Prakash Mohapatra - Global Head-Talent Transformation at Wipro BPS - on the impact of Neuroscience in Learning. In the video, he mentioned that the job of a learning practitioner is to excite the brain and make learners want to learn. I couldn’t agree more!

4 steps for designing an effective Microlearning Program

74% of management training attendees agree that large volumes of information, as given in most management training seminars, are difficult to remember and apply 92% of managers agree that they’d be more likely to use learned managerial skills if management training was presented in a more interesting way 1 in 3 respondents say they hardly ever receive follow-up sessions to reinforce their management training

6 Emerging Learning Trends from ATD International Conference & Expo 2017

Great conversations, tremendous energy, unparalleled learning—that was ATD 2017 for us. Last week, we mentioned C2C-OD’s experience at ATD2017. Today, we want to share the six themes that stood out for us at the event as L&D practitioners: Microlearning Mobile Technology Social Learning Learning Effectiveness (Impact of learning) Learning Transfer/Reinforcement The science of learning  ... Continue Reading →

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