C2C-OD’s Experience at ATD 2017 International Conference & Exposition

 “As a talent development professional, you’re passionate about ensuring that your workforce is prepared to face the demands of today’s ever-changing business environment.” – ATD 2017 International Conference & Exposition

With these words in mind, our team from C2C-OD headed off to ATD2017 in Atlanta, Georgia – the largest global event for talent development professionals – to share our knowledge on demonstrating training effectiveness.

Over 300 participants attended the session facilitated by C2C-OD. The key takeaways for the attendees were:

  • Gaining the ability to select cost-effective ways of collecting information at all levels that are both useful and credible
  • Learning how to create practical evaluation plans
  • An in-depth understanding on various tools, which will enable participants to select the methodology that will impact different levels of evaluation
  • Getting creative with your evaluation style – the benefits of questioning your status quo

To demonstrate Level 1 (Reaction), we collected some spot feedback. Here is the initial response from the participants based on our session alone, all captured artistically on a flipchart:

We received some great feedback on twitter as well. Here is what one of the participants had to say, specifically on the session:

C2C-OD Team Members Become Gold Class

The team at C2C-OD were elated when two of our very own – Melanie Martinelli and Preethi B. Rao -were awarded the Kirkpatrick Gold Level Certification. Melanie and Preethi are two of the very few professionals across the world who now have the honour of being gold certified.

Watch this space for more updates on ATD 2017!


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