Demonstrating Training Effectiveness: How to make this Bane into a Boon

Measuring the effectiveness of a training intervention has been one of the primary concerns for a majority of L&D professionals. CEO’s across the globe state that ROI is the No.2 measure desired by them. However, only 4% currently see ROI on L&D.*

There may be several reasons why we may be unable to arrive at that calculation. While measuring these returns, we look at a different measure – Return on Expectations. ROE enables CEO’s and other stakeholders to see the results achieved as a direct result of the intervention and helps build a chain of evidence that shows how we arrived at those results.

In their talk at ATD2017, Melanie Martinelli and Preethi Rao from C2C-OD will be taking you on a journey of evaluation tips across the four levels of the new world Kirkpatrick model. The four levels are:

  1. Reaction
  2. Learning
  3. Behavior
  4. Results

chain (2)

Across each level, you will see immediately usable and practical tips on how to evaluate such that you form a solid chain of evidence. The focus will be on collecting data that is USEFUL to you and CREDIBLE to your stakeholders. The duo will also share some success stories from clients.

To know more and to register for this talk, please CLICK HERE

*2017 Workplace Learning Reports – LinkedIn Learning Solutions


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